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I owe much more to this city than the following notes. But until time and writing skills allow me to properly pay tribute to Valencia, this will have to do.

Getting from A to B


Food and Drinks

Valencia and my wife have healed my FOMO when it comes to finding the perfect spot to dine. I could spend hours on Google Maps, read ratings, study menus, and look at photos. Now I am happy to drift through the city and stop off at any place that looks nice. I also managed to get rid of some long-lasting misconceptions: Plastic chairs and pictures on the menu are not indicators for bad food! A 3.5 star rating on Google Maps does not mean you’re gonna have a bad time!

Some places we stumbled upon:

If you spend enough time here and have a full-fledged kitchen at your disposal, go to Carrefour, buy some fresh seafood, and cook yourselves a nice meal. Valencia demands it!

And a short note on tipping: It is not common here to tip the waiters or bartenders. If the service was truly phenomenal, feel free to leave a couple of coins. But rounding up to include 10% on the amount-to-be-paid earned us some weird looks.

Museums and Culture

Valencia is bursting with museums, culture, art, and music. I can only list a few highlights here because it is impossible to cover everything that this city has to offer. Also watch out for festivals (Jazz, Film, Gran Fira), concerts, and exhibitions—there is always something going on!

Other Places