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What I’m up to These Days

I live in Cologne, Germany, with my wonderful wife.

Last year I quit my job to establish myself as a freelance software engineer for non-goverment/non-profit organizations. This is huge for me, and so far it is going great. On the side, I am finishing another master’s degree in applied computer science at Fernuni Hagen (distance university).

I am picking up my running shoes three times per week and registered for my first 5K run in January 2024. I finished my first official 5K race! I am now running four times a week and training towards 12K—which is my running distance when three friends and I tackle the relay team marathon at Köln Marathon on October 6.


The list of my interests is composed of the top ten tags I use on this website. The score of each tag is a weighted sum where weights are based on the rank of the post it is used on (newest post gets rank 1) with a smoothing factor of 0.3.