I Bought Art for the First Time

I love stree art! It is rough, nonconformist, often spontaneous, and for me the quintessential way of expressing yourself in an urban context—that makes it beautiful for me. Naturally, I had to visit the exhibition/art trade event Straßengold (street gold) at Kulturbunker Mülheim.

I am happy to have asked a good friend to accompany me. I will do that more often! Sometimes I feel my hobbies and interests are too niche or… geeky?! And I abandon the idea to bring friends with me. I have come to realize that that’s a stupid thought and that I really like to share days like that with friends. The sum of my hobbies and interests make up a big portion of who I am, so what am I afraid of?

A dozen colorful pieces of street art hanging in front of a white brick wall.

Back to the exhibition! It was an overwhelming explosion of color, clever ideas, political messages, and provocative material. I really enjoyed taking my time with every piece, giving myself room to take it in, think about it, and appreciate it. And then I passed by this art work.

Torso of a person with a TV set as their head. Although there aren’t any facial expressions, they look bored holding their TV head in their hand and resting their elbow on the table.

Something immediately resonated with me. It rarely happens that I have such an immediate reaction to an art piece, complete with an interpretation building up in my head. So what I see is an individual that is drained of all life energy, because consumption has overtaken their mind and thereby any incentive to do anything. The whole topic of leading a creative and creating life vs. consuming and mentally starving while contemplating what you might be capable of doing if you only started is huge for me. Maybe that’s why I couldn’t walk away from this.

Two beers (Yup, they sold beers at the gallery!) and a walk to the nearest ATM later, I bought it. 180 €. The gallerist was super nice, asked me if I’m sure and whether this is the first time I bought art, gave me tips how to hang this up, and congratulated me.

I did not find any online presence of the artist, so dear Chris411, you created something beautiful that I will cherish. Thank you!