Mad Smaxx

I went to the movies today at Lichtspiele Kalk and watched Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga. I had such a great time. Excellent film!

It reminded me of a present a friend of mine had made for me some years ago for my birthday.

Movie poster of Mad Max, where “Max” is replaced with “Smaxx” and the face of Tom Hardy with mine

Smaxx was and is my prominent nickname. Stephan Max. S. Max. Smax. It is pronounced like that guy (this is another present someone made for me that turned up while searching for the poster above):

Doodle of the anthropomorphized frog “Smacks” from the famous cereal brand who is smiling and giving a thumbs up

The extra “x” really is a testament to this nickname emerging in the 2000s and I dropped it by now.

Thanks again for this hilarious poster, P.! Yours sincerely, Smax