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One-Bagging for Five Days in Valencia

The reason for our trip to Valencia sucks, but I found some distraction in taking on the challenge of traveling with the included carry-on only. As per Ryanair’s bag policy, that means cramming my clothes and gear for a five-day trip into a “personal item” of 40×20×25cm.

This is the result:

My backpack, my clothes, and my gear spread out on our bed in Valencia.

Now—I know that minimalism has gotten a tang of snobbery and toxicity. I’m observing these developments with growing concern and I reject anyone who wants to lure me into buying more stuff in the name of minimalism. For me minimalism is still about intent, sufficiency, and Slow Movement.

Here I simply want to highlight five items that made this little challenge possible:

Taking into account that I had to bring my Thinkpad X230 for work, I‘d say without the tech gear you can easily use this backpack for a one-week city trip in a mild climate.