The Butcher Sisters & Samurai Pizza Cats at Live Music Hall

Since I missed Electric Callboy’s Tekkno World Tour, I thought I’d treat myself to the next best thing: The Pizza and Dosibier Tour of Electric Callboy guitarist Daniel Haniß’ side project Samurai Pizza Cats and Germany‘s rapcore enfant terrible The Butcher Sisters.

Unfortunately, Samurai Pizza Cats sucked.

This became brutally obvious as they played after The Butcher Sisters who are such lovable, devoted, and talented goofballs. They turned the whole venue into crazy party mode from the moment on they entered the stage and just never stopped. Highlights included band member Stroppo’s crowd-surfing on a rubber boat and inviting German rap duo 257ers on stage for drinking games and some light impro battlerap. You know, for shits and giggles. It was glorious!

Stroppo of The Butcher Sisters crowd-surfs on a rubber boat.

Enter Samurai Pizza Cats who delivered a show that can only be described as dull and boring. Songs sounded exactly like the studio recordings, the interaction with the crowd was poor and uninspired, and they left the stage without an encore. What a disappointment!

What I learned from this is that if you set out to become a second Electric Callboy you should prepare yourself for failure. Instead, turn off your brain and listen to Baggersee by The Butcher Sisters!